Lease-end service

Along with long-time experience, professionalism, reliability and timeliness, AutoLogistic offers clients unlimited range of services, including:


  • vehicle receipt from the requested location anywhere in Poland;
  • preparation of a detailed electronic protocol of vehicle receipt in real time with the use of mobile application;
  • secure vehicle transport to the location requested by the client. We have our own platform cars  and car transporters at our disposal;
  • preparation of the vehicle for an inspection by an Assessor (tidying, washing);
  • professional expertise by an Assessor;

  • Smart Repair;
  • professional vehicle vindication;
  • co-ordination and supervision of subsequent sales of lease-end vehicles;
  • protocol-based release to the Client according to an agreed process.
  • information system for on-line order service;
  • dedicated insurance on entrusted property;
  • liability and comprehensive insurance;
  • periodical vehicle inspection organization.


Moreover, we can offer you the excellent location of the Logistic Centre just 30 km away from Warsaw, directly off the national road number 8, the so called „Katowicka”, which we are able to arrange in line with client’s requirements.

If you find our offer interesting and would like to familiarize yourself better with our services, please contact us. We are pleased to supply additional information.